Touring and Hong Kong

Touring and Hong Kong
On a recent Vacation

Touring and Hong Kong

You are probably wondering why I am no longer touring Hong Kong or any other part of the world. Well, its not that I don’t like travelling, I love destinations like Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. I was lucky enough to visit Hong Kong a month ago ( last tour), and I  had truly a wonderful time, so certainly that’s not the reason I have decided to end my touring days ( but not my travel days)

Luxury Companion in Hong Kong

As you get older, and I am a mature escort, your priorities change. When I was in my 20’s, I certainly had less personal responsibilities, and the taste for boundless adventures, and therefore, I travelled the world endlessly. Now, I have hit my 40’s, I am more settled, with private responsibilities my priorities have certainly changed.

Extremely fortunate to have successfully toured the world extensively in the past, I have decided to still have 100% availability overseas, and Hong Kong included, but by personal request only, and stop touring. Touring Hong Kong and other parts of the world involves a lot of energy and time behind the scenes, and i have decided its time to diversify my time differently

Private Request

Private request to visit you in Hong Kong is really a very straightforward and simple process. Its not something that needs to be difficult and complicated. Because there is vast amount of travel involved ( I love sitting on a plane, so no issue there) it would be unrealistic to expect me to make the journey for a few hours. Therefore, to meet in Hong Kong it would really need to me for a minimum of overnight date together. A weekend is much better, but overnight would be the bare minimum.

Dinner Date Companion in Hong Kong

Joel Robuchon Paris France

I love nothing more then dining out in Hong Kong. There are some amazing restaurants I have been very fortunate enough  to experience while in Hong Kong, and I am sure there will be so many new ones next time I am there, ready to explore with someone who has a passion for good food, fabulous company and dessert of course!

So if you are interested in meeting me, drop me an email!